I'm a lover of nature, animals (I prefer a dog over a cat).  I

I like to focus on health and spirituality. 

I enjoy people and making a difference in one's life no matter what the need may be.  We are all in this life together and this is why I want to make the place where one makes memories to hold the best eye appeal they are at peace with.

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96 Swartzel Dr Middletown NJ 07748 US

My mission

First, I want to thank you for visiting my website... and reading this far.  It shows me you're thorough in finding the best candidate for your home improvements.


The main thing I like to relate to my customers is "You will get what you want"!

I'm very passionate about my career as a skilled carpenter!

I'm not just someone who got an old hammer and got a job doing construction.  Rather this has been a family inherited trade, learning new techniques and styles as times change.

My Grandfather owned Zenn Construction which I took over, while being an apprentice to a few amazingly skilled carpenters who helped me grow.

I'm known to know it all!  This is not to boast but, but it's something you would want to know when hiring me.  Many high-end companies contract me for my skills.

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